Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shading 1: Hatching and Cross Hatching

Shading 1:
Hatching and Cross hatching

Shading is a way to add depth to a drawing. Showing the shadows and lighting gives 3-dimensional elements to the 2-dimensional paper. There are many types of shading  and one of the basic ones is hatching. Hatching can also be used as just a way that the drawing is made up. For example in the slideshow below there's Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Basic Terms
Hatching is just using lines at different lightness/darkness and different spaced intervals to show the transition from light to dark on an object.

Cross Hatching is using these same lines as in hatching but using criss-crossing  them.

Contour lines are the lines that follow along the shape of the object, this is another step to adding depth and with hatching contour lines are used to apply the shading to fit the object.

Here I'll show various hatching and cross hatching examples.


  1. The Slide Show Worked Perfectly With This Post And My Favorite Slide Had To Be Was The 'Still Life Example 3'

  2. this was so cool! love how you made it so easy to understand and it was really interesting to look at. I really love how you use your own work through out this blog :)

  3. Thanks, I wasn't sure whether or not to use just my own work or add some others but I didn't want to mess with getting anyone else's stuff posted. I'm glad it came out pretty well considering all I did was doodle and speak.