Thursday, February 2, 2012


Art is something very precious, at least to me. The impact they have on society and how society impacts art in return is profound. While I'm no art historian or even a professional artist, I want to find out the significance of these famous artworks and give my own try at the techniques used in them.

I give no promise that I won't rant about how beautiful the stroke of paint is on a particular painting or how stupid it is that people actually like an art piece. I'll try at objectivity, though just in case of a derailing I'll give some background where I'm coming from.

I'm from a small town in the Midwest and have a happy family with two loving parents and a younger brother. This is my first in college as a Mass Media major emphasis in advertising. I love to draw, paint, finger-paint, anything artsy that I can create. I've taken a few basic art classes but mostly I just figure it out on my own. Being quite artsy goes right in hand with being quirky, and quirky I am. The world around me fascinates me, as well as other people's views and ideologies. It's most likely why I'm so interested in history, foreign and native culture, and art in the first place.

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  1. I can really tell that this blog will be very intellectual. You are a very fluent writer and it was an easy read. I can tell you're passionate about your topic, which is nice to see. I also like how you told a lot about yourself. I think readers will appreciate getting to know you as well as art. Good job Danielle!